Arrest of a Fraudulent Solicitor

East Anglian Daily Times - Monday 22nd May 1899Monday, 22 May, 1899


Supt. Pryke and his men have succeeded in making another capture, in the person of Mr. Henry Carew Cox, solicitor, of Saffron Walden, who absconded about two years ago.

Mr. Cox, who has held a high social position in the town, in addition to having a solicitor's practice, was Clerk of the Board of Guardians and Rural District Council. He was also clerk to the Sampford and Wimbish Board Schools, a member of the Town Council, and the Superintendent Registrar, and Conservative agent for the Saffron Walden division.

Soon after his absconding from the town, warrants were issued for his apprehension, but as it was feared he had left the country, these could not be put into execution.

Supt. Pryke was busy in the meantime, with the result that a few days ago he obtained information that Mr. Cox was in Wales. On Thursday in last week the Superintendent despatched Police-constable Whitwell, of Radwinter, in plain clothes, armed with two warrants, to Tenby, Wales. On the officer's arrival there, in conjunction with Sergt. Hart and two constables of the Pembrokeshire Constabulary, a watch was kept, and at 4 p.m. on Friday, Police-constable Whitwell saw the object of his search leave his lodgings. The officers followed him, and subsequently he was arrested and conveyed to Saffron Walden, where he arrived on Saturday night.

The prisoner is charged on two indictments - that he feloniously, and with intent to defraud, did forge and utter a deed of conveyance of certain property in consideration of the sum of £200, at Saffron Walden, on June 24th, 1896; and feloniously, and with intent to defraud, did forge and utter a mortgage deed for securing the sum of £200, at Saffron Walde, on July 8th, 1896.