Daring Highway Robbery at Shalford


A most daring highway robbery occurred in Water Lane, Shalford, on Tuesday night, the 1st inst.

As Mr. William Davis (gardener to Mr. R. H. G. Marriott, J.P., Shalford) was returning home about nine o'clock at night from his neighbour's (Mr. E. Whipps), who lives near by, with one of Whipps' little boys, who was carrying a lighted lantern, when they got within a few yards of Mr. Davis's house they met a man, whom Mr. Davis bade "Good night."

The man never spoke, but immediately took hold of Davis, threw him down, and cut his right hand trousers pocket clean out. The pocket contained a purse and 15 sovereigns and a half sovereign.

The little boy was frightened and ran away. Mr. Davis, being a very aged man, could not do much with the scoundrel who had seized him, but he called out "Murder," which brought his neighbours out. They, however, were not quick enough to secure the restoration of the money. The moment the thief seized the money he jumped over the hedge and was gone, and as the night was so very dark no trace of him could be obtained.

Information was afterwards given to the police at Braintree and Bardfield, who made every inquiry, but no clue could be obtained to the thief, who is supposed to he a tramping labourer, between 30 and 40 years of age, five feet six or seven inches high, of pale complexion, with long dark hair, whiskers and moustache, dressed in a light twill suit and cap.