Revolver Tragedy Near Braintree

East Anglian Daily Times - Thursday September 29th 1892

Thursday, September 29, 1892.



On Wednesday, Dr. J. Harrison (County Coroner) held and inquest at Wethersfield, touching the death of Percy Cremer (13), who met with his death under very tragic circumstances on Monday.

Edward Cremer, the father of deceased, an engineer, living at Little Codham Hall, said he last saw deceased before the occurrence at seven p.m. on Sunday, and had occasion to send him to bed because he was disobedient. On the Saturday he gave him a list of what he was to do. He missed him on Monday morning and eventually found him in the workshop lying on his back, with one leg drawn up under him, and his arms stretched out; he was "quite quiet", and there was a lot of blood about.

The revolver produced was lying under his leg. He (witness) had had it for years. Deceased had used it when he had been shooting a target; that would be about two years ago. His son knew there was a cartridge on the shelf in the workroom; it was one he had extracted some months ago. The revolver had been in the workshop three months, and deceased knew how to load it; it was defective in the hammer arrangements.

Witness believed his son was playing with it and that it went off unexpectedly. -Mr. Rust said the bullet entered the left cheek and came out at the back of the head. He saw the deceased at 10 a.m., and he expired at 7 p.m., being sensible meanwhile to pain, but unable to speak.

-P.s. Woodcock said the bullet was found embedded in the floor under where deceased was found. -The Jury returned a verdict of "Accidental death."