Saffron Walden Police Knocked About

 Chelmsford Chronicle - Friday 02 October 1896Friday 2 October 1896



About 11.45 on Saturday night, Sergeant Howlett and P.c Camping heard a good deal of noise coming from the Working Men's Club, Saffron Walden. Subsequently Supt. Pryke came upon the scene, and by this time the disorder had increased. 

On inquiries it was found that some of the members had been expelled from the club, and had then become disorderly, and committed considerable damage to the club property.

A soldier, named Pearson, who refused to show his pass, was taken into custody by the police. A number of men mobbed the officers, and rescued Pearson by "slipping" his tunic. Sergt. Howlett received a nasty blow on the head, and Supt. Pryke was knocked about while endeavouring to retain Pearson, who was subsequently recaptured. The crowd followed to the Police-station, and the midnight scene was a most disorderly one. Another man named Wilson was also taken into custody.

Charles Stephen Pearson, 21, was brought up before Alderman Leverett, on Monday, charged with assaulting Sergt. Howlett while in the execution of his duty, and with being drunk and disorderly. —Charles Wilson, 20, labourer, Saffron Walden, was charged with assaulting Supt. Pryke, with inciting Pearson to resist the police, and with being drunk and disorderly. —Supt. Pryke stated that prisoner hit him with the thick end of a whip. —Both prisoners were remanded until Wednesday, when they again made their appearance before the bench, in company with Joseph Pearson, 21, Henry Green, 20, and Charles Osborne, 18, of Saffron Walden, against whom similar charges were preferred. 

—Mr. F. J. Snell prosecuted. —Supt. Pryke deposed to the arrest of Pearson, and that the other defendants incited him to get away again. Wilson rushed at witness, and hit him over the arms and shoulders with Pearson's riding whip. The other defendants said, "Give it to him," and Joseph Pearson said, "If I had a sword I would run it through him." Wilson also threatened to smash witness's brains out.

—Sergt. Howlett corroborated, and added that the soldier hit him with his fist on the head.

—For the assault on the Superintendent Chas. Wilson was fined £1 and 7s. costs; Joseph Pearson, for the assault on the Sergeant, was fined 10s. and 7s. costs; for inciting Pearson to escape Wilson and J. Pearson were fined £1 and 4s. 5d. costs each, and Green and Osborne 10s. and 4s. 5d. each. For being drunk and disorderly Chas. Pearson and Wilson were fined 7s. and 5s. costs each, and the other three defendants 5s. and 5s. costs each.


*At the time of editing and posting this incident, the identity of PC Camping is yet to be established.