Theft from a Little Girl

Essex Standard -  Saturday 21st July 1883Saturday 21 July 1883


Before S. Courtauld (in the Chair) and J. E. Tabor, Esqs.

Walter Harrington, a young labourer, of Wethersfield, was charged with stealing sixpence in money from Rose Allen, daughter of James Allen, of Toppesfield, on the evening of the 9th July, at Wethersfield. Mrs Allen sent her daughter, who was seven years of age, to Mr. Robert Hasler's (a beerhouse keeper, who also deals in groceries), for some groceries, and had six pence in her purse to pay for them.

In about an hour she returned without the goods and with the empty purse, and it transpired that the prisoner had followed her out of Hasler's shop (where she could not get the article she was sent for), and taken the sixpence from her.

He had previously been refused beer on credit, and on his returning to Hasler's after taking the money from the child, Hasler sent for the police.

Police-constable William Barker deposed to hearing prisoner say, when accused by Hasler of the robbery, that he ran round in pursuit of the child, and after hearing from her what she wanted he said, "Give me the money and I'll bring your father round the things in the morning." The child, he added, then gave him the sixpence.

Prisoner, in defence, said he obtained the money in the way he had described to the police-constable and alleged that he intended to get the goods and take them to Allen's in the morning. 

Fined £2, or one month's hard labour. Removed in custody.