• Herbert Lomax

  • Collar Number(s) 134 329

  • Career History/Biography

    Herbert Lomax was born on in Pentonville

    Herbert Lomax joined Essex County Constabulary on .

    Before joining, Herbert worked as a Blacksmith

    On 12th December 1915 PC Lomax left to join the military. He returned to Essex police on 2nd February 1919 as P.c.329.  

    On 29th September 1924, PC Lomax was awarded the Merit Badge for his prompt and courageous action in stopping a runaway horse and cart at Saffron Walden.

    Lomax was pensioned MC on 30th November 1943. 

    Highest Rank Attained: Constable Merit Class

    • Postings

    • 1914: Harwich
    • 1919: Rejoined and posted to Harwich
    • 1919: Saffron Walden
    • 1928: St. Osyth
    • 1930: Wakes Colne
    • 1931: Tillingham
    • 1932: Burnham

Post Career:

  • Herbert left the police on for reason: Retired - Pensioned

    Record of Service

    Herbert Lomax's record of service survives in Essex Police Archives.

    † Herbert Lomax died on