• Stanley Giggins

  • Collar Number(s) 324

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    Stanley Charles Giggins was born on in Purleigh, Essex

    Stanley Giggins joined Essex County Constabulary on .

    Before joining, Stanley worked as a Grocer's Assistant

    Stanley Giggins' father, Richard, was also a police officer in Essex Constabulary. Richard was aged 32 years old and living in Purleigh, Essex, at the time of Stanley's birth.

    On 30th October 1928 Giggins was promoted to sergeant; and again to inspector on 13th August 1933.

    Served at HQ, Braintree [1919], Billericay [1919], Rayleigh [1921], Wickford [1927], Rayleigh [1928], Braintree [1933], Witham [1937].

    On 31st March 1921, Stanley married Alice Stock at Bentley Common, Essex.

    Highest Rank Attained: Inspector

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