• Alfred Bonnage

  • Collar Number(s) 346

  • Career History/Biography

    Alfred Thomas Bonnage was born on in Dover, Kent

    Alfred Bonnage joined Essex County Constabulary on .

    Bonnage served at HQ, Braintree and Witham in 1937.

    By 1939 he was serving in Epping and Ongar. In 1939 he was living at 40 Chapel Road, Epping, renting a room as a bachelor. The same year, Bonnage rejoined the military, recalled to colours. In 1942 he married Phyllis Dorothy.

    In 1945, after the war, he returned to Epping. He was posted to Stanford Rivers in 1946, Ongar in 1947 and Moreton in 1951.

    He left Essex Police on 5th October 1963 aged 47 years and died in 1966.

    His career record is stamped 'EXEMPLARY'.



    Highest Rank Attained: Constable

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Post Career:

  • Alfred left the police on for reason: Retired - Pensioned

    Record of Service

    Alfred Bonnage's record of service survives in Essex Police Archives.

    † Alfred Thomas Bonnage died on

    After he died, Alfred's body was returned to Dover in Kent where he is buried alongside his parents in East Langdon..