• John Smith

  • Collar Number(s) 66

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    John Smith was born in 1810 in Kells, County Mead

    John Smith joined Essex County Constabulary on .

    Before joining, John worked as a Labourer

    Record of Service in Information file.

    *Constable Smith is probably the officer referred to as Constable Smith in the incident 'Clever Capture of Thieves' in November 1851. This is based on the fact that he is recorded in the 1851 Census as living in Coggeshall with his wife and three children.

    Constable John Smith was accidentally drowned on Foulness while serving a summons. 

    Drowning of Constable John Smith of Coggeshall
                            Chelmsford Chronicle 31 December 1858

    Highest Rank Attained: Constable

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