WARNING - Article contains graphic content that some may find distressing

Animal Cruelty in Dunmow

Illustrated Police News - Saturday December 2nd 1882

Saturday, December 2, 1882



AT the Dunmow (Essex) Petty Sessions five boys, named Esau Cheshire, William Nightingale, William Parker, of Little Canfield, Walter Rogers, and Fred Skingle, of Takeley, all under twelve years old, were charged with cruelly ill-treating a number of steers on the 14th ult., at Little Canfield.

The charge was withdrawn against Skingle, the youngest, who gave evidence. It appears that thirteen steers, belonging to Mr. Stokes, the prosecutor, were driven from Chelmsford Fair and placed in a pasture by the roadside. Defendants went into the field, and, having tied the animals' tails together, chased them up and down, the 'fun' lasted half an hour or more.

The result was that portions of seven tails were wrenched off, and the next morning prosecutor's attention was drawn to the state of the animals by seeing a white tale fastened to a black beast. He then found that the tails of four of the steers were bleeding, a portion of the flesh and bones having been torn away, and a portion of the hair only had been pulled away from the tails of three others.

The Chairman (Rev. E. F. Gapp) severely reprimanded defendants, who were fined 10s. each, including costs.

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