Brutal Assault on Walden Policeman

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday December 8th 1899

Friday, December 8, 1899

Whilst on duty on the night of 30th ult. P.C. Drew, of Arkesden, Saffron Walden, had a rough time of it. When on his beat he was met by two men, whom he suspected of having been in search of game.

He told them he should search them under the Poaching Prevention Act, whereupon they at once set savagely upon him, knocked him down, kicked him, and left him in an unconscious state. It was in this condition that Drew was found by the side of the road some time afterwards by Mr. Hammond, jun., of Arkesden, who was cycling.

Acting the part of the good Samaritan, and seeing that the constable had been subjected to foul play, he at once rendered assistance. Drew went home and medical aid procured. It was found that he was badly bruised, and that his head was cut open. He subsequently regained consciousness, when he was able to explain that he was roughly assaulted by two notorious poachers of the district.

Drew lay in almost a hopeless condition till Wednesday, when he began to show signs of improvement. His face was unrecognisable.