Speeding Bus in Stansted

Saffron Walden Weekly News - Friday 26 June 1931Friday 26 June 1931




Harry Victor White, 216 Richmond Road, Dalston, E., did not appear to answer a charge of driving a motor vehicle adapted to carry more than seven persons at a speed exceeding 30 miles per hour at Stansted on May 14th.

He wrote apologising for his inattendance.

P.C. Tucker said that at 5.10 p.m. he was on motor cycle patrol on the main London-Cambridge road, and commenced to follow the vehicle concerned from the Chequers, Ugley. His speedometer later registered 27 miles per hour, and when the driver saw a straight stretch of road he accelerated to 38 miles per hour. He passed a private car at 32 miles per hour and again accelerated to 38 miles per hour. Witness passed and stopped the vehicle. The driver said, "The private car gave me the signal to go on. I have not got a speedometer, but I think I can judge 30 miles per hour."

In his letter White said his speedometer was out of order. He pleaded guilty, and said he was a man with a family and could ill afford to lose a day's work. He hoped the Bench would be as lenient as possible

Supt. Hyde said there were several previous convictions.

The Chairman said defendant's record was very unsatisfactory. Drivers must understand that they must obey the law or take the consequences. There would be a fine of £2 4s., including costs.