Theft of Watch and Chain in Newport

Chelmsford Chronicle - Friday 18 October 1844

Friday 18 October 1844


George Rush, brickmaker, was indicted for stealing a watch, a chain, and a key, the property of William Fennell, at Newport. Mr Wordsworth was counsel for the prosecution, and Mr. Chambers for the defence.

William Fennell, state that he worked for his brother, who keeps the Hercules public-house; on Sunday night the 22nd September, he assisted him to clear his house; about half-past ten he missed his watch, which he had had safe in his fob at 8 o'clock; he could not account for the loss.

Cross-examined: The men in the house were not very drunk, but they required to be made to go out; witness was quite sober.

William Peacock, police-constable, said he apprehended prisoner at 12 o'clock the same night, upon another charge; he took him to Newport station-house, and before searching him, he saw him in the act of giving a watch to another man when he took it from him; he showed watch to prosecutor, who identified it.

Mr. Chambers argued in defence, that the watch might have been taken by another of the company, and passed to the prisoner, which, if correct, would render him liable to another indictment. The jury took this favourable view and acquitted the prisoner.