A Violent Customer in Braintree

Essex Herald - Monday 05 June 1882

Monday, 5th June, 1882


On Thursday last, Arthur Payne, of Bocking, was brought up in custody before Sydney Courtauld and J.E. Tabor, Esqrs., charged with assaulting Arthur Nix and Catherine Nail, and also with assaulting the police.

From the evidence of Arthur Nix, landlord of the White Lion Inn, Braintree, it appeared that the defendant went to his house about 10.30 on the morning of the 31st May and picked up money belonging to another man. A dispute arose, and defendant had to be turned out of the house.

He returned about 4.30 the same afternoon the worse for drink, and refused to leave when requested to do so by the landlord, who then went for a policeman.

Defendant was again turned out, but re-entered the house and struck complainant on the arm and in the face. He was then given in charge, when he became very violent.

P.Cs. Laver and Polley deposed to being struck by defendant, who was so violent that it became necessary to put leg irons on him as well as handcuffs. Supt. Elsey corroborated as to the assault on the police; he was himself assaulted by defendant, who was extremely violent, and refused to walk to the station, and was taken in a wheelbarrow.

Mrs. Nail said her husband kept the George Inn*, and defendant came to the bar and used bad language; she said "Come, better language if you please," when he struck her in the face.

For the assault upon Mr. Nix and Mrs. Nail, defendant was sentenced to three weeks' imprisonment in each case, and for the assault upon the police he was fined £5 for a month's hard labour, in all ten weeks' imprisonment with hard labour.



*The location contradicts this incident being at the White Lion Inn. However, in the 1881 Census, Arthur Nix is recorded as being the Innkeeper of the White Lion Inn in Coggeshall Road.