• Thomas Elsey

  • Collar Number(s) 160 2

  • Career History/Biography

    Thomas Elsey was born in 1834 in Otford, Kent

    Thomas Elsey joined Essex County Constabulary on .

    Before joining, Thomas worked as a Seaman

    1861 Census:  Tendring.  Police Constable living with Wife and child.
    1871 Census:  Great Dunmow.  Superintendent of Police.  Wife and 4 children. (3 children were born at Castle Hedingham).
    1881 Census: Bocking (Rayne Road Police Station). Wife and two children.
    1880 - Superintendent at Braintree. Collar No. 2
    1891 Census:  Bocking(Rayne Road). Wife and 2 children.

    Highest Rank Attained: Superintendent

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Post Career:

  • Thomas left the police on for reason: Retired - Pensioned

    Record of Service

    Thomas Elsey's record of service survives in Essex Police Archives.

    After leaving the police Elsey was Pensioned at £133 6s 8d per annum. Upon retirement, Elsey became an Inspector of Weights and Measures.

    † Thomas Elsey died on