Drunken Assault on PC Lomax

THE TRUNCHEON - The Periodical of the Essex Constabulary

Vol. 1, No. 2, June 1926

Saffron Walden Division


On October 26th, at Saffron Walden, before P. G. Cowell (Mayor), G. P. Horton, C. W. Rolfe and W. Robson, Esqrs., Arthur Richardson, labourer, Bridge Street, Saffron Walden, charged with being drunk and disorderly on October 24th, and with assaulting the Police, pleaded guilty.

P.c. Lomax stated that at 10 p.m. on Saturday, he received a complaint, and going to Bridge Street saw defendant, who was very drunk and shouting. When requested to go home quietly, defendant became abusive and said, "I have done three months for you and will do three more months."

At the entrance to the yard where he lived he took off his coat and waistcoat and he challenged witness to box. He came towards witness, who closed with him, and they fell. In the struggle defendant kicked him on the back, arm and leg. Witness blew his whistle and the Inspector and a Sergeant came up. Defendant was handcuffed and taken to the Police Station on a truck. He shouted and used bad language all the way.

P.s. Parrott corroborated.

Supt. Flack said there were 19 previous convictions against accused, including one for a like offence in 1922, when he was sentenced to three months' imprisonment.

The Superintendent also said that the public, when asked to give assistance to the Police, were expected to do so. In this case there was a crowd around, and not one offered to assist the Constable.

The Mayor said he was sure the Press would make a note of it. Addressing the accused, the Mayor said it was a serious offence. The Police must be protected and defendant would be sentenced to four months' hard labour on the two charges.

On leaving Court prisoner shouted, "It will be a little holiday, and it will be more next time."